About Us

BUSINESS ACCESS is a woman-owned, for-profit tech company that helps people help themselves and others through the use of technology.

Since 1999, we've implemented more than 230 tech-based programs across 18 states for disadvantaged populations.

We've served people in poverty, people coming out of prison, dropouts, foster youth, the under-employed, the unemployed, people with disabilities, and others. Our innovative technology helps families bridge the digital divide and changes the trajectory of their economic lives.

Business Access programs have been studied by universities, foundations, and government agencies, and our results have been astounding. Our successes include statistics such as 84% off welfare up to seven years after program exit; 89% employed; 94% job retention; 78% reduction in recidivism, and more.

We set out to change people's lives with technology, and we have:

  • 130,000+ people have directly utilized our technology to improve their lives.
  • Counting their kids, that's over 300,000 people whose lives are better because of BA.
  • 80,000 people use BA websites and software every month.
  • Over 153 GB of data generated including 195,000,000+ rows of detailed tracking information about how people use our systems.


Business Access is a highly passionate group of people focused on providing disadvantaged Americans with the tool sets, skill sets, and mindsets needed to succeed in today's ever-changing world.


Founder and CEO
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Senior Web Developer
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Marketing Director
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Company History

In 1998, Business Access founder Kimberly Bunting was the Executive Director of the Dallas Mayor's Committee, representing 30+ Fortune...

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Technical Skill Sets

Business Access has managed all aspects of technology behind social service programs. Our skills are broad - web, device, and access...

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Social Service Experience

Our staff has broad social service experience including workforce, welfare, food stamps, re-entry, juvenile justice, literacy, foster care, K-12, community college, foundations, nonprofit...

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