Accelerate your program by giving your clients access to technology and the Internet in their homes.

In more than 200 programs across 18 states outcomes of device distribution include higher participation rates, faster completion rates, employment acquisition/retention, two-gen positive impact on participant's children, and increased digital literacy.

An integral component of our flagship In-Home Learning System, device and Internet distribution can be integrated with any of our tech-based programs.

Device Distribution Functionality

  • Computer Devices: Equip your clients with laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, or even smart phones to access online learning from home. These are the same devices they'll be using in the workplace.

  • Incentive: Transfer ownership of the devices as a reward to participants who successfully complete employment and other program goals.

  • Device Inventory and Deployment: We manage device ordering, inventory, set up, and delivery to your clients.

  • Device Management: We provide technical support, replacement, and warranty work on the devices.

  • Filtered Internet Access: Filtered Internet access connects clients to your website, online learning, and the digital world. Our filtering technology prevents access to inappropriate websites and online activities.

  • Monitoring: With BA technology, you control the devices you distribute. Track, analyze, and report participants' program results. Monitor devices, push out updates as needed, and be able to take over the device if trouble arises.

  • Tech Support: Unlimited technical support ensures every tech issue your clients encounter is a learning moment, not an obstacle. Our tech support staff helps them gain confidence with technology.

How clients use device distribution in their programs

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas is an industry leader in putting technology in the homes and hands of their customers. Business Access has built, hosted, and managed technical projects for WFSDallas since 2000 including the In-Home Learning System. Other projects include their business pages, job seeker website, employer website, social media feeds, and support.

San Bernardino County Children and Family Services

Youth aging out of the foster system received laptop computers with Internet access, preloaded with learning modules including GED preparation and work readiness training. Upon successful completion of the 12-month program, participants earned ownership of their computers.

Health Career Academy The Workplace

This HPOG-funded program provides healthcare career education and medical training to low-income people. In addition to classroom and lab training, students receive the In-Home Learning System to gain technical and digital literacy as well as extends study time.


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