In-Home Learning

The In-Home Learning System (IHLS) provides home-based delivery of online education, digital skills,

and training for customers in government-funded programs like TANF and WIOA. It is a proven system for clients with

barriers to participation. Our patented, flagship In-Home Learning System includes the following elements.

Device Distribution:

Customers receive a computer device to use in their homes (laptop, notebook, tablet, or smart phone). Device ownership is an incentive for program completion.

Online Learning:

Online learning is a fast and convenient way to fine-tune skills and learn new ones. Our course catalog includes essential workplace skills, technology, Microsoft Office, contextualized GED/ABE learning, work readiness, and digital and financial literacy.

Tech Support:

Unlimited technical support ensures every tech issue your clients encounter is a learning moment, not an obstacle. Our tech support staff helps them gain confidence with technology.

Filtered Internet Access:

Filtered Internet Access is included with devices to provide full home access for participants. Standard filtering includes denial of access to pornography, gambling, and hate sites. Additional filters can be applied to customize filtering to match the needs of the program.


Mentors support and encourage participants' progress through live chat, video communications, text, and phone. Mentoring is essential to participant success and accountability, as proven repeatedly in our work with thousands of people since 2000.


Activities both online and offline are tracked and reported, allowing instant access to information about participant use of the system.


More than 130,000 people across the U.S. have benefited from participation in IHLS programs. It has been used as a platform in over 200 programs across 18 states to accelerate customer learning, increase program participation, expand employability, and lengthen job retention.

Results Include

  • 84% off TANF up to 7 years
  • 89% employment rate
  • 94% job retention
  • 78% reduction in recidivism


Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas

WFSDallas pioneered Business Access' In-Home Learning System beginning in 2000. They've served more than 5,000 participants using the system as a TANF job retention tool, a method for serving people with disabilities and a holistic support for NEG recipients. Their results have been consistently high, including 84% off of TANF over the long term.

The WorkPlace, Inc. Bridgeport, Connecticut

The WorkPlace uses the In-Home Learning System in many of its programs including Platform to Employment (P2E), Mortgage Crisis Training Program, Jobs First Employment Services (JFES), Add Us In, and Health Career Academy (HCA). The Workplace also uses Business Access portals and administrative systems in their youth, HCA, and P2E programs.

workforce solutions Lower Rio

Workforce Solutions Lower Rio has used the IHLS to serve hundreds of adults and youth in TANF, WIOA, and SNAP programs since 2007, bringing their workplace skills up to date and improving digital literacy. The Youth program saw a 41.5% success rate in GED attainment compared to the 17% statewide average for Texas.


  • TANF
  • FSET
  • HPOG
  • WIOA dislocated worker, adult and youth
  • HHS/ACF grants
  • Rural Expansion
  • National Emergency Grant
  • Career Advancement Vouchers
  • Individual training agreement
  • "Women in the 21st Century" grant
  • Foundations and grants


Any AICC or SCORM online training can be included in the IHLS. Standard configuration includes career-focused, ABE, GED, digital literacy, and soft skills training. See Business Access training catalog found here.


The logic model behind the IHLS focuses on the Pew indicators of economic mobility and includes Prochaska and DiClemente's Stages of Change, Alder and Bandura's Constructionalism, Lifelong Learning and other time-tested learning theories.

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