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Website Development

Customized Website Development

Business Access designs and builds custom software and websites for the social service industry. Leveraging our 16 years of industry experience, we use cutting edge technology to develop systems for all types of programs,

from single-focus events to multi-partner federal projects. Since 2000, we've implemented 230+ programs across 18 states. 80,000 people use Business Access technology each month.


  • Websites of all types, secure and non-secure
  • Public intake queues
  • Auto-submission public forms
  • Portals for communication with customers, partners, and vendors
  • Online training, personal plans, and other customer-specific apps
  • Databases that interact with other systems (web, admin, legacy)
  • Program workflow integration with online services
  • Apps that track online activities and device-specific use (computers, tablets, phones)


  • Centralized source of information about your program, including calendar and content
  • Online recruitment: track who is interested and collect their information
  • Enrollment forms that automatically enter information into your admin system
  • Facilitates post-program follow up
  • Clients access online training through a personalized portal
  • Mentoring through live chat and video chat
  • Hour and wage reporting during internships and employment
  • Upload documents: enrollment forms, resumes, assignments
  • Communication, notification, and alerts to students and partners


Weber State University

WSU's Legacy of Learning serves people on TANF seeking employment and/or further education. Business Access built, hosts, and maintains a portal that includes social media feeds and connections to tools customized to WSU's specifications. It also includes applications that feed directly into a database which places inquiries into a queue to be reviewed for program eligibility, moving them into the denominator only if they are deemed eligible.


I-CATCH is an HPOG HHS grant program, recently renewed for another five years, at Edmonds Community College, Everett Community College, and Skagit Valley College in Washington state. Business Access built the I-CATCH website, student portal and admin system. Participants are provided with the In-Home Learning System, customized to provide the technical and digital literacy skills they need to be fully prepared for healthcare careers.


CCG oversees childcare services and subsidies for more than 10,000 children per day. Business Access built and manages their online portal for parents and childcare service providers. The portal uses APIs, responsive design, and multi-layered security to process more than 600,000 transactions per year and has an active user base of more than 2,500 childcare providers and parents.

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